Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today is my 6th day of ELPA testing with my kinders. ELPA stands for "English Language Proficiency Assessment," which is our state-mandated computer-based test that our English Language Learners take each year to assess their growth in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It sounds great, and I really do believe in assessment and accountability, but the test is not even remotely developmentally appropriate! I would guess that the majority of our native English speakers in first grade would have a really difficult time with this test!

With kinders I test them two or three at a time in the computer lab with microphone headsets while my assistant has my class on her own. She's very capable and great with the kids, but she has been exhausted at the end of the day each day! There's a reason I don't do it on my own. =)

I'm so ready to be done and get back into our regular routine! Most of the kids have enjoyed the testing (mostly because I told them it was a game), but some have been really frustrated and felt bad because they realized that they didn't know what to do. =( We've been focusing on doing our best, and how your best is sometimes guessing!

If everyone shows up I should be done tomorrow! Hooray!

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