Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's getting easier...

One of the things I spent LOTS of time on last year was organizing my units, centers, printables, hand-outs, parent letters, etc. into file crates and filing everything according to the theme, unit, month, and season of the year. I tried to do a similar thing with my electronic files on the computer. This being my fourth year in kinder,  I'm finally feeling like it's getting easier to know what to teach next week! I was able to open the "September" file, pull out some physical papers, open some PDFs and Word docs, and send them all to print for next week! This sure beats frantically typing something up while the kids are at recess and printing it out on my classroom printer!

This year I'm documenting better on monthly planning sheets each of the math & literacy centers for my various themes and focuses, along with lists of all the materials needed, the prep to do, and what to send to print ahead of time. With a list like this ready for next year, I can even send September & October work to print in the spring! That would blow the Print Shop Ladies' minds! I'm definitely the "Hey, I know this is super late but is it possible to get this back by this afternoon or tomorrow morning?" girl.

Now to figure out how in the world to do the same thing with my paper mini-books to send home... Yuck!

I can do this! =)