Friday, August 17, 2012

Garage Sales and Doughnuts

I have done a great job of staying away from garage sales this summer, but today I cracked. To be fair, it was a friend's garages sale, and she called me, saying that she had stuff she thought I'd like and it was going fast! So, good friend that I am, I got up, threw some clothes & sunscreen on, and headed over. I kept it down to $10 and got some great book sets for my Title kids, some Scholastic book videos on VHS, and some books on tape (including Eric Carle and Leo Leoni).

Then, because my friend's daughter is such a good salesperson, I bought a doughnut. It was my favorite kind of doughnut (which I think she did a good job of guessing! If she hadn't said "We only have one cinnamon left," I probably wouldn't have bit!). I wasn't going to eat it until I got home, because if you see above, I hadn't eaten breakfast yet! But it was sitting on my front car seat, and calling to me, so I caved. Then I paid for it all morning with a tummy ache! So not worth it!

Now, I just have to make sure I actually use these new books and tapes!

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