Monday, July 2, 2012

Daisies, Dots, and Kinder Spots

So, I accidentally discovered the whole wide world of kinder (and other grade) teaching blogs by clicking on a link in Pinterest over Christmas Break. As I started following, reading, and blog hopping, my eyes were opened to a new and fascinating full-time job! (As if I don't already have enough jobs...)

I have been wanting to start a cutesy blog of my own since then--if only to participate in linky parties, blog hops, and to have something cute to leave in other people's comments! I also like the the idea that I can post all the fun, crazy, creative ideas that come to me randomly (often in the middle of the night, or during church [shhhhhh...]), and tag them accurately. Then, I can search and find those ideas when I actually want them. This sounds so much smarter than emailing myself, and later trying to find the right subject line!

I had planned to work on a blog during Spring Break, but then I got sick. Again. For the millionth time this year. Fast-forward to June, and I finally had time to sit down at the (real) computer. It was then I discovered that choosing a cute, catchy, concise name for my blog that tells who I am and what I do was way more pressure than I could handle! I spent lots of hours waiting in line at Disneyland and California Adventure thinking, browsing, and trying out names. Hopefully I came up with one that will stick!

My husband just asked me, "Are you blogging?" "Yes." "For what and who?" "Ummm..." I don't know? We'll find out!

So, here goes nothin'!

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  1. Congrats on your blog. I am just entering this world too and it is intimidating. Enjoy!